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diebrarian, Danson is one of the best parts. I really love his late 2000’s work. George is actually strangely similar to my other favorite recent Ted Danson character, Arthur Frobishur on Damages. They’re both rather clueless and hopelessly romantic rich white dudes who navigate the world in a privileged pot-fueled haze. Though only one of them is involved in massive tort litigation. So George is winning this one.

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Okay, so Bored to Death is really rather adorable. I was skeptical because I have little patience for overly twee Brooklyn-ish stuff, but the show really hits its stride about halfway through season one. But really it was getting Ray and George in a car together on a stakeout was the last straw. I am officially on board.

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We’ve got tix to RyG at Wolf Trap this week and I can’t even express how much we’ve wanted to see them. They’ve been at the absolute top of the “must see live ASAP” list for years now. But I had no idea Bashi was the opener. Seriously. I’m a big of Montreal fan, but I’m looking forward to seeing some solo stuff. YAY!

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