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Questions Meme

Tagged by thecommonlibrarian! Here are the rules. My answers and questions are below the cut.


  1. Always post the rules.
  2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you wrote and write your new 11 questions.
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Answers under the cut (I switched the order up a bit, only because I went on for so long on #5 I had to move it to the end—you just had to ask a stationery question, didn’t you!?!).

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Board games and puzzles are now available to be checked out from the Mudd Library! They are located to the right of the circulation desk, on the shelves with the audio books and video games.

I love this idea, but I’m curious, how thoroughly does circulation have to inspect the returned games?



Board games and puzzles are now available to be checked out from the Mudd Library! They are located to the right of the circulation desk, on the shelves with the audio books and video games.

I love this idea, but I’m curious, how thoroughly does circulation have to inspect the returned games?

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Minor Life Goals

  1. Visit the Harry Potter sections of Universal Studios in Florida before having children.
  2. Learn how to actually French braid hair instead of just faking crown braids when my hair is dirty.
  3. Host a successful waterside supper with riparian entertainments.
  4. Master at least one base guitar Muse song on the “Expert” level in Rock Band.
  5. Frame the approximately ten posters and/or prints that are still rolled up in tubes around the house.

Last but not least, #6: Someday get an Oculus Rift and immediately start pretending I’m Johnny Mnemonic.

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Digital doesn’t mean permanent: Using the Internet Archive to protect against “erase all”  

To many, the effort to preserve audio files ends at digitization. After all, a physical object — like a record or even CD — decays. A string of data on your computer doesn’t. But what if you delete the string? What if the computer breaks? The truth is, managing digital files comes with its own set of risks.

As we transition into an all-digital media landscape, digital materials can be even more prone to loss than physical recordings. “Born digital” files can easily be lost irretrievably. Whether a destructive coffee spill or an overzealous hard drive purge, it’s disturbingly easy to lose the source files for your audio. 

So how do you protect your most precious audio files? Enter, the Internet Archive: The Internet Archive ( is an Internet library based in San Francisco. It was created with the mission of preserving materials on the web for generations to come, even in the face of rapidly changing file standards and operating systems. In addition to public domain books, films, and other digital media, they also store hundreds of thousands of hours of audio. And with Pop Up Archive, you can easily contribute your collection to their growing library.

Pop Up Archive lets you preserve audio on Internet Archive servers in just one click. Simply select the Internet Archive option while creating a Pop Up Archive collection, and a copy of each audio item page will be “filed” at the Internet Archive — ensuring that your most valuable recordings become part of the public record.

The Internet Archive for me is an instant reblog.

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About "" [the encyclopedia of fannish culture]


Fanlore is a multi-authored website that any fan can easily contribute to. We want to record both the history and current state of our fan communities - fan works, fan activities, fan terminology, individual fans and fannish-related events. Because Fanlore is based on wiki software, you may edit pages to contribute your own experience, knowledge, and perspective on your community’s activities, its members and histories, and the material it has produced.

Fanlore may not be an unfamiliar term, but many who could benefit may not have heard of the site itself., another project of the Organization of Transformative Works and sister site to Archive of our Own, is a wiki generated by, for, and about fans and their communities. There are plenty of ‘fan wikis’ out there, however, so what makes this one particularly special?

Fanlore is not specifically about the canon content of a fandom, but about the way fans have responded to it - the works that have been made, the events held, the communities that have come together and fallen apart all in the name of the passions of those who proudly call themselves fans. This wiki seeks to collect the impact that has been made, and makes strides towards their goal on multiple fronts:

  • Plural Point of View policy - Fanlore recognizes that there is no single experience in fandom, particularly across cultures, and seeks to give every view provided positive representation. The goal, in the end, is that by giving all fans a chance to explain their personal experiences, a greater understanding and appreciation will be reached.
  • Extensive, current coverage - by capturing events, trends, communities and fandom growth as it happens, over time a much wider view of fannish culture will emerge. This will also allow for future generations to understand their heritage much more clearly.
  • Embracing fan perspective - this isn’t a cut-and-dried, one perspective, one “truth” wiki, but one that does its best to live and breathe with the fans that pour their insights and reflections into it. Every voice and every view is vital to gaining a true understanding of the overall picture.
  • Continually updated content - updates, add-ons and new perspectives continue to be what makes Fanlore thrive, providing an increasingly rich resource.

Obviously, much respect here for the enormous undertaking, and all the encouragement to everyone to go take a peek at the site and its contents. Here is another place where fans can connect, not just with those they share views with, but with their past and the present as it unfolds, leaving a tremendous gift for our future.

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Well, this feeling that you’re having right now that ‘I’m supposed to be all things’ is a feeling women have every day and have their whole lives, so you’re just starting to experience it now. Like, how can I be cool and tough and also sweet, and y’know [women] have to deal with all those juxtapositions every day, but I’m glad you’re finally experiencing it as a white male.

- Amy Poehler, right before dropping the mic (and making “Approval Matrix” host Neal Brennan visibly uncomfortable)

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i hit my coworkers shoulder lightly and he was like “you’re going to make me cry like a girl” and i was like “what’s wrong with being a girl?” and he was quiet for a moment then he looked into the distance and whispered “the social standards they’re forced to live by”

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